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Attend Info Session

Please fill the form below to attend a virtual information session regarding our school.

You will find out how we instill the love of learning for life and learn about our Learning Coaches, our Montessori inspired approach to learning, our Project-Based and Hands-On Learning.

We will be happy to show you just how different we are!

Yes, The Cottonwood High School is completely FREE, and it is the most unique and amazing learning experience around for High School students.

At Cottonwood, we ignite the love of learning. Students lead their own education by choosing subjects that interest them. We look at the student as an individual and personalize his/her learning experience in a collaborative environment. With a 10:1 student to teacher ratio, there are more opportunities for interactions between staff and students all day long.

What also makes us different are our Learning Coaches which work every day with students on their goals, projects, and assignments.